The Department of Robotics and Mechatronics comprises 7 research groups, concerned with the investigation in different field, including Mechatronics and Robotics (inspection, commercial, industrial and medical robotics), Structural Dynamics, Structural Health Monitoring, Condition Monitoring and Nondestructive Testing, Smart Materials and Structures, Numerical Modeling and Simulations, Biomechanics and Polymer MechanicsThe Department now is home to about 390 undergraduate and graduate students, 35 PhD Candidates, 32 researchers, and 5 administrative and technical staff members. Its research endeavors produce between 4 and 8 PhD about 60 Master’s theses, about 150 publications in a broad range of scientific journals, and  few patent applications per annum. In addition, the past few years have witnessed the formation of a number of spin-off companies, based on technology developed by Department members. This development reflects our concern and initiatives regarding technology transfer.