Iuventus Plus

Following codes enable reconstruction of the results presented in the project. For maximum safety, all codes are in pdf format:


1. Separation of non-stationary signals from rotary machinery

Download codes for extraction of generalized angular-temporal (GAD) components from vibration signals generated under nontationary operational conditions: DRS_GATP_JU. The method includes resampling function and  normalization functions as a separate methods.


2. Modelling of signals of novel classes

Download code for generation of the synthetic load-frequency plane: generate_load_freq_plane. The method is needed for synthetic generation of GAD signals. Download code for generation of the synthetic GAD signal: GAT_1st_generation. Download code for pulse response generation pulse_response_gen. This method is necessary to generate synthetic generalized-angular-temporal-deterministic (GATD) signal with pulse responses downloaded from here: GAT_2nd_generation.


3. Angular-tempral spectrum for REB fault detection

Download code for generation of the angular-temporal spectrum: Angular_Temporal_STFT.