Noncontact damage imaging in composite structures based on laser techniques (OPTONDT)


The main goal of this research project is the design of a laser-based diagnostic system for nondestructive testing of composite materials and the associated software package for data processing and damage evaluation. Of special interest are the structural composites, including laminates reinforced with long fibers, used in the responsible load-bearing structures. The system will be based on a novel nondestructive testing approach using the acoustic wavenumber spectroscopy. The technique analyzes guided elastic waves propagation field in order to extract features representing damage. The diagnostic system will be fully non-contact including both excitation of the elastic waves as well as acquisition of vibration responses.

Project no. LIDER/2/0117/L-7/15/NCBR/2016


Project leader: Lukasz Pieczonka, PhD



Official website of the project: