Laboratory of Non-Destructive Testing

 1. Research and measurement opportunities

 The laboratory allows to conduct research on the study of dynamic properties and damage detection of mechanical structures during the operation using ultrasonic methods. The laboratory allows also to conduct work on the propagation of Lamb waves in composite materials and multimaterial construction. There are also conducted researches on the application of ultrasonic methods in study of blades dynamics and the detection of its damage.

2. Services offer

Employees conducting research in the laboratory have extensive experience in conducting research using ultrasonic methods and the analysis of Lamb wave propagation in mechanical structures.

 3. Instrumentation and laboratory equipment

  • Systems for generating ultrasonic waves.
  • Data acquisition systems with high sampling frequencies up to 2MHz.
  • Signal generator with the ability to generate arbitrary waveforms.
  • Analog and digital oscilloscopes.
  • Two systems for the detection of damage in mechanical structures using methods of ultrasonic in the immersion
  • Derotator for non-contact measurement of rotor blade vibration during operation of the machine rotor.
Derotator   SAMSUNG