Laboratory for Studies of the Structures Dynamics

 1. Research and measurement opportunities

In the laboratory the research in the field of studying the dynamics of structures and microstructures are conducted. In the laboratory it is possible to realisation of non-contact vibration measurement using laser vibrometry techniques. There is also possibility to conducted research on the materials mechanical properties with using the testing machine.

2. Services offer

Employees conducting research in the laboratory have extensive experience in the vibration analysis using non-contact measurement. The laboratory staff also have experience in the study of physical and mechanical properties of materials and structures with using a testing machine

3. Instrumentation and laboratory equipment

  • Testing machine INSTRON 8872 for static and dynamic tests of a mechanical material properties with a climatic chamber (temperature range from -70° C to 300° C).
  • Single-scanning vibrometer Polytec PSV 400.
  • Polytec RoboVib Structural Test Station consisting of a KUKA robot and installed on it the triaxial scanning vibrometer.
  • Polytec MSA-500 vibrometer system to non-contact measure of the vibrations of microstructures.