Modal Analysis Laboratory

1. Research and measurement opportunities

Laboratory equipment allows to conduct modal research (determination of the natural frequency and mode shapes) in the laboratory or at the real object (parts of machines, supporting structures, vehicles, buildings). In the laboratory there is also possibility to test the identification algorithms of the dynamic model of rotating machinery.

 2. Services offer

 Employees conducting research in the laboratory have extensive experience in the analysis of vibration and offer participation in research projects involving vibration analysis, identification of the dynamic model susceptible of mechanical systems and, in particular, experimental modal analysis.

3. Instrumentation and laboratory equipment 

  • TiraVib and Robotron Electrodynamic exciters and amplifiers for vibration testing of construction.
  • Triaxial accelerometers to measure accelerations of analysed structures.
  • Single-axial accelerometers to measure accelerations of analysed structures
  • Single-axis seismic accelerometers   to measure low-frequency vibration of building structures.
  • Modal hammers for exciting vibrations in the tested design.
  • Dynamic signal analyzers LMS SCADAS III (28 channels) and LMS SCADAS Mobile (16 channels) used for recording and analyzing signals for the purpose of modal analysis.
  • Universal measuring card into the analyzer SCADAS Mobile (8 channels) which allows registration of signals from both acceleration sensors as and strain gauges of various types.
  • Time signals recorder TEAC Gx-01 (16 channels).
  • Two rotors models to study the dynamics of rotating machinery with LabVIEW software.