Our group undertakes researches related to noninvasive methods for integrity of materials and structures evaluation.
The scientists cover the whole spectrum from nondestructive-testing (NDT), structural health monitoring (SHM) to condition monitoring (CM). Combining in-depth understanding of theory and applications allows us to conduct advanced tests and develop unique systems. We develop new signal processing techniques that bring meaning for the data acquired in these applications.


Our area of interest can be roughly grouped into the categories listed below, a more profound description of our research topics can be found here.


Nondestructive testing

  • visual inspections (VI)
  • ultrasonic testing (UT)
    • contact probes
    • immersion scanning
    • phased array
  • air-coupled ultrasound (ACU)
    • through-transmission
    • pitch-catch single sided inspections using leaky Lamb waves
  • laser Doppler vibrometer – based imaging
  • termography
    • vibrotermography
    • pulse termography
    • laser trmography

Structural health monitoring

  • vision-based measurement systems and techniques
  • vibration-based system
  • guided-waves
    • sparse sensors networks
    • phased array design and imaging
  • electromechanical impedance
  • nonlinear-acoustics

Condition monitoring

Our research is focused on methods and algorithms for early detection of failures that – if unaddressed – may result in a catastrophic failures, loss of production and increased costs of maintenance. Using our methods, users can detect and identify malfunctions, such as:

  • unbalance
  • misalignment
  • looseness
  • bearing failures
  • gear failures