Modeling and simulation group consist of several researchers working on different scientiffic issues.

Adam Martowicz PhD – Undertaken research mainly deals with nonlocal modeling methods in computational mechanics, including peridynamics and Finite Difference Method in nonlocal formulation, with particular focus on reduction of the phenomenon of numerical dispersion and spontaneous damage growth in solids. Moreover his interests cover: SHM, modeling approaches for NDT, sensitivity and uncertainty analyses as well as multi-criteia design optimization.

Piotr Kijanka PhD  – He contributes in the works on formulation of the numerical algorithms for thermoelastic coupling in mechanical constructions. He analyses numerical stability for the elaborated algorithms.

Alberto Gallina PhD – Main reasearch area concerns with the study and application to various engineering fields of numerical methods for uncertainty analysis: uncertainty quantification, sensitivity analysis, parameter identification, reliability and robustness analysis, design optimization. Other areas of interest cover space mechanics and contact modeling of off-road wheelded vehicles.

Pawel Packo PhD DSc  – He is focused on modeling of wave propagation phenomena

Lukasz Pieczonka PhD DSc  – His research interests are focused on Structural Health Monitoring, Nonlinear Acoustics, Uncertainty Quantification, Verification and Validation, Computational Mechanics and Structural Dynamics.

Former members:

Dariusz Broda MSc – His work deals with analyses of nonlinear phenomena in solids with particular focus on couplings present between growing damages and propagating elastic waves.